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Expert Advice for Stunning Shiny Hair

Having beautiful hair is easier than you think. The secret is in knowing how to take proper care of your locks. Choose the right Soft Wave Shampoo and Cosmal Cure Professional products for you and then follow our simple steps.

1. Brush your hair before shampoo Gently brush through dry hair to remove any product build-up and to stimulate the blood flow.

2. How to select the right Soft Wave shampoo for you Choose a shampoo that corresponds with the state and feel of your hair. Soft Wave Shampoo offers a wide range that fit beautifully with all types and conditions.

3. Make sure that the water temperature is a soothing warm Warm water will help you work a foamy lather while dissolving the soap which results in a cleaner rinse. The right temperature will also effectively lock in your hair color. Make sure that the final rinse is done with cold water to give your hair a burst of shine.

4. Massage the shampoo into your hair Use a modest amount of shampoo when washing your hair. Use small and gentle circular motions with your fingertips to infuse the shampoo into your scalp for maximum effect, to stretch the muscles and reduce stress.

5. Give conditioning the care it deserves Conditioning is an essential step to beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. It makes your hair manageable and shiny thanks to the deeply restorative and protective qualities imbued into the formula. Use Soft Wave Conditioner for all hair types.

6. Going the extra mile with hair maintenance The only way to beat the adverse effects of coloring, heat styling environmental pollution is to deeply condition your hair weekly. Cosmal Cure Professional Masks actively work to replenish moisture, making each strand strong, resilient and full of natural glow.

BONUS TIPS…. Wear a hat in the sun to avoid dry and bleached-out hair + When using haircare sun products always use a wide-tooth comb to smooth wet hair
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