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Cosmaline is a socially responsible company that takes all measures necessary to protect the environment and ensure safety of use. Cosmaline is the manufacturer of the Cosmal Cosmetics brand. All ingredients contained in Cosmal Cosmetics products are carefully selected and imported from European suppliers.

Cosmal Cosmetics ensures that all raw materials and processes conform to the REACH regulations*. The main objective of REACH is the protection of human health and the environment. Cosmaline has also adopted this objective as its own. Moreover, every raw material used in Cosmal Cosmetics products has a certificate of analysis from the supplier, a Technical data sheet (TDS) and a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), ensuring that the chemicals are perfectly safe to be used in consumer products. All raw materials are tested in Cosmaline labs in accordance with international test methods.

*REACH (or Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) regulations require that each importer and manufacturer of a chemical substance register with the European Union and provide certain data regarding the hazards of the chemical.
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